About Us

Nurol Makina is an Ankara based company working solely on 4x4 armored vehicles with over 600 employees. The company successfully competes in international market through its indigenous vehicle designs, agile project execution and after sales support activities. Nurol Makina vehicles are in service in four continents at around 20 countries.

Nurol Makina Hungary is established and is fully owned by Nurol Makina with the aim to invest in Hungary by providing design, development and production activities for 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles. Currently Nurol Makina Hungary supports the execution of existing Nurol Makina contracts as well as after sales support activities in country.

Nurol Makina Hungary shall realize assembly, production and engineering activities through a joint venture (JV) company. The established JV will be structured to be internationally competitive in 4x4 armored vehicles so that it will meet the demands of 3rd countries beyond the requirements of Hungarian Armed Forces. This facility is also planned to serve as an auxiliary production facility for Nurol Makina.

The company will provide high value and best-in-class solutions to all stakeholders of Hungarian Defense Industry from Hungarian Armed Forces to local defense companies, from suppliers to educational institutions.


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